Polyurethane All Products

Polyurethane All Products

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All of our polyurethane products, to produce high standards.

Polyurethane products are manufactured in desired and standard sizes. Our products perfectly match your exterior.

Our pictures which are explained with product codes in the content of the page; facade cladding products, decorative cladding panels, 3d wall panels, wooden and interior exterior cladding, marble cladding and natural stone cladding, column and hood models, relief wall designs, strut types, ceiling decoration cladding, floor matting, carton pier types, window edge jamb, lock and corner stone, balcony and stair railing models.

Features of Our Products

  • - High standard polyurethane material,
  • - Lightweight and durable product,
  • - Easy assembly and application,
  • - High density between 180-200,
  • - Provides superior shockproof protection,
  • - 200 years lifetime material,
  • - High resistance to fire,
  • - Heat, water and sound insulation,
  • - Protection against weather conditions,
  • - Not affected by water and not deformed,
  • - No yellowing, bending or pulling
  • - Reduces insulation costs,
  • - Wood, marble and stone appearance is obtained,

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