Balcony and Stair Balustrade

Balcony and Stair Balustrade

Standard sizes produced and custom made in accordance with your project in the desired installment with our railing models can be produced in various sizes. Produced with polyurethane material that offers superior quality and features to the consumer, our railing models will fit perfectly with your architecture.

Balustrade models produced as an alternative to real marble and concrete raw material products have many advantages. Due to its particularly light weight, it prevents material and moral damages that may occur in case of breakage, fracture and fall. It can be painted with all types of paint and will provide an advantage in your future facade designs.

Polyurethane balcony and stair railing has a hardness between 180-200 density and is made of polyurethane material which is very durable and best quality raw material against fire. It is light and easy to apply, saving time for the consumer.

Thanks to the polyurethane applied to specially prepared molds for high hardness production on the metal profile frame, our railing models are produced with high quality.

Water, sun and so on. it is not deformed by external influences and gives your architecture a perfect look that you can use for many years without any problems.

As seen in our example image, polyurethane balcony and stair railing is the most useful product for your facade. If you send us your product code or project, you will be returned as soon as possible.

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