Decorative Brick Options and Polyurethane Quality

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Decorative Brick

Although decorative brick products are used for decoration purposes today, as a result of archaeological researches in the past history, it was first produced in Mesopotamia and spread all over the world. In the past; Tomb, pyramid, temple, bridge, tower etc.

Since time and product availability are the most important factors, bricklaying process is not preferred. Lightweight products are preferred in buildings that do not carry loads.

A wide variety of panels are used for decorative purposes on the facades. For those who cannot give up the truth, thinned alternative bricks are still being produced.

As is known, the application of cladding brick is a very tedious task. To facilitate this situation, a large number of plastic, silicone, styrofoam and so on. The brick-looking product is available on the market. However, the applications made with these products do not exactly reflect the brick appearance to you. To put it more clearly, you can't get the feeling you get from real brick on your front.

In order to better understand our product quality, we shared our polyurethane decorative brick sample visually at the top of the page.

As can be seen from the picture, our polyurethane product offers a view very close to the real brick.

Some of the consumers asking information about the product and price say that the price of the brick is more appropriate. Our polyurethane products have many features that are not true. The actual brick is about 6-10 cm wide, is difficult to apply, the wall carries loads because of its heavy weight, an extra sheathing may be needed on the applied facade.

You can examine our decorative brick models on our products page.

It has a light and durable structure.

You can easily apply by yourself,

Does not create a load on your wall.

Heat, sound and water insulation feature,

Helps prevent the growth of fire by igniting,.

All paint types and colors can be applied.

As a result of the researches, you can use our polyurethane decorative brick panels which have a life span of 200 years without any problem for long years.

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