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Exterior Coating

One of the most important features of the architecture is its exterior coating appearance. It is the most important factor that affects the consumer's purchasing decision.

Facade cladding panels are used in your projects in order to obtain a quality exterior appearance. Considering the point where the developing construction sector has come, it should be well planned that the facade cladding applications will look good in the future.

Unsolicited sheathing and cladding projects in the past have been replaced by luxury and modern projects due to “changing consumer preferences günümüzde. Construction companies are able to apply coating and decoration products that are produced using the latest technology and suitable for every budget.

We are among the few companies that can export products and applications to dozens of countries all over the world and we are progressing towards becoming a world brand.

You can use our products for many years with first day efficiency.

Apartment, work place, detached house and so on. the facades of the various places we live or workplaces where we work are an important factor that is an indicator of our living standards. It is an important requirement that shows the quality of life in our private lives while symbolizing success especially in the business environment.

For example, the main factor that affects our guest at home or the employer who comes to our office for a job interview is, at first glance, the exterior of your architecture. We can offer the right product and application at the best price for our most suitable facade examples.

Natural stone, marble and wood-looking panels, column head legs and so on. We give life to your projects with our wide range of coating and decoration products. In this article we will try to explain all product and application features in detail.

Turkey Antalya, in a closed area of 3,500 square meters, we produce our high standard polyurethane exterior wall panels and decorative items, the average hardness of 200 density. Thanks to its durable and lightweight polyurethane structure, it saves time and labor.

Thanks to the insulation feature, sheathing is not needed on the facade where it is applied. It does not conduct flame with its non-conductive and non-flammable structure and prevents the growth of fire in case of possible fire.

According to our product codes, it can be produced in standard sizes and in accordance with your project. The polyurethane exterior panels produced are applied by gluing or screwing on all types of facades (stone, brick, concrete, iron, etc.).

Panels produced with polyurethane raw materials are the most useful facade cladding and decorative product in the world.

Polyurethane is used for thermal insulation in professional industrial products. Our products last 200 years against extreme weather conditions, heat and abrasion. The surface is bright and smooth and all paint types and colors can be applied.

Our products have a density of 180-200 densite, produced with polyurethane raw material is a first-class coating material. Produced with special molds at high pressure, a smooth surface is formed. In addition, polyurethane is an insulating material that has proven its quality all over the world in tens of thousands of products produced in thousands of sectors.

What are the Exterior Coating Types?

Besides polyurethane standard products, you can think of it as unlimited facade cladding and decorative material that can be produced by making special production according to your project.

Polyurethane jamb, window jamb, brick-looking panel, crown models, floor moldings, strut models, corner and keystones, types of fuga, decorative panels, balcony and stairs decorations, windowsill models, parapet, relief applications and so on. products and application services.

All models produced with polyurethane thanks to special molds, even very fine details can be produced smoothly. For example, a large number of facade panels are produced from various wood molds. It is almost impossible to distinguish our wooden facades from wood with special painting technique by our Destinators.

In addition to giving wood appearance with xps and eps material, it can be shaped close to the wood appearance only when viewed from a distance.

All our models are our own manufacturing. We are able to understand your demands very well, thanks to our expert technical staff, we are signing fast and high quality works.

We have hundreds of polyurethane products for dozens of coating and decorative equipment. We are strengthening our product portfolio day by day by adding new products. You can review our models on our website or you can reach us from our contact information.

Decorative Cladding exterior facing

You can provide a more beautiful appearance to your architecture by using decorative details in small details on your exterior. Today, decorative facade panels are preferred in almost all quality projects.

Our decorative facade panels, which are produced by using special molds, can easily be used in high quality and demanding ground conditions at the most reasonable prices for your project. All designs can be produced to the desired extent with special manufacturing method.

We have a large number of facade decoration equipment. By combining various products, many different and special products can be produced. All decoration equipment is available for avant-garde or a modern facade and all exterior cladding and decoration equipment applied in special project works are produced.

As we mentioned in our previous articles, if you have a new project and the construction is under construction, we recommend that you do not search for individual decorative products. Facade cladding turnkey will be more beneficial for you in terms of price, guarantee and quality.

Column, Headboard, Leg, Relief, Decorative panels, railing, strut, 3d panel, patterned panel and so on. all exterior coating and decorative products. The number of products increases by combining more than one type. Usually, it is more visually appropriate to use in conjunction with each other.

For example, you want to decorate your villa's facade in a suitable and high quality way and do research on the internet. Column and header, corner stone, window models and so on. By making small touches, you can add a perfect look to your facade and add value to your building.

We have a large number of columns or columns that symbolize the wealth and power, especially applied in avantgarde projects. Modern projects will also give your project an aesthetic touch when applied correctly.

Column and column standard sizes of flat, grooved and patterned, many types are produced. Application is made according to the structure and dimensions of your architecture. If requested, we bring you together with all imagined column models and special manufacturing.

Foot product forming the lower part of the column and so on. The works are specially manufactured. You can review our title ”pedestal” types that complete the upper part of the column from our website. It is strongly recommended that the column assembly be performed by qualified personnel.

Exterior Coating Prices

In the construction sector, the facade products are generally referred to as jambs. A wide range of products is available in a wide range of products. Here, if the right project is appropriate, price and benefit expectations should be calculated well.

In addition to the benefits, low-cost facade claddings, with reasonable costs, lead to serious image defects.

You should do good research for quality appearance, insulation and best price. Our products produced with polyurethane provide a perfect harmony with the exterior of your architecture and increase the value of your structure.

With the insulation you get, you save energy.

Panels produced using various raw materials are imported at different exchange rates. Therefore, the current prices of the products change.

The prices given to you on various internet sites may lead to different cost situations during the implementation phase. It is best to examine the project and make a price study. It is recommended that you obtain turnkey price information, considering the material and application costs and various negative situations that may occur.

If the products are supplied and applied by the consumers to their own masters, more favorable price opportunities may occur. This may be a correct approach, but the problems that may arise during the implementation of the eps or xps master who have not previously applied the polyurethane material can be prevented by our expert personnel, as they may prevent our reference.

We advise you to deliver your project and get a turnkey siding price with different price advantages including various replacement products. Do not worry about the different situations encountered in applications made with the thought that it may be appropriate.

The old buildings need to be restored and beautiful, and in a newly constructed architecture, it is necessary to provide a modern appearance according to today's conditions. The facade cladding models and their costs that can be applied according to the budget and the condition of your structure are investigated.

For example, you have a 30-year-old building and your structure does not meet your needs visually. Besides the newly built modern buildings, your building looks bad. Generally, old buildings are much more advantageous in terms of location. Therefore, people do not want to sell their houses at lower prices and buy a new house in a more remote location for much higher prices. In this case, by applying exterior cladding to your building, you will not only save money but also get a new and modern look in your living space.

Your building needs to be made sheathing or facade application. Because almost all of the old buildings, isolation is needed.

During the construction of a modern and high quality new architecture, a wide variety of applications are applied on the rough facade. In this way, the sheathing requirement of the structure is met and a beautiful appearance is tried to be obtained. In the market, a wide variety of price and different quality facade cladding materials and applications are made.

Exterior Application Examples

In all of the applications given below, our interior and exterior panels produced with polyurethane raw materials are used. Thanks to the polyurethane, the exterior expectations of the consumer and the architecture will be met.

Exterior Samples

Villa Exterior Samples

Exterior Coating Design

Polyurethane Exterior Coating Properties

Polyurethane panels and facade cladding application, provides a quality harmony with your architecture. Various EPS, XPS and so on. Our polyurethane products, which cannot be compared with the products, will increase the value of your structure and will be applied on rough plaster on your facade and will provide cost advantage.

180-220 density hardness durable structure, having various insulation properties, 200 years of life and so on. as well as easy to apply to your facade.

Interior and exterior panels produced with polyurethane material can be applied by screwing method due to its durable structure or applied by polyurethane mastic and applied quickly and easily even on difficult floors.

Do you know that you can meet the needs of your facade by just applying wall coating?

We want constant temperature that is not affected by the weather conditions of our home or office environment. We can obtain by using insulating materials on our exterior facade. We want to keep the indoor environment warm in winter and cool in summer.

Due to the high natural gas and electricity costs, the resulting heat does not go out will provide more economy. Our products are an insulation material as well as aesthetic appearance. With our polyurethane products, you will not need to investigate the m2 price for the insulation that your architecture feels.

The application prices of the various sheathing companies for insulation purposes are costing higher than the facade coating application. It should not be forgotten that the facade cladding and ornament application should be made after the jacketing process. As the heat, sound and water insulation needs are met in the facade coating solutions using polyurethane, there is no external insulation cost.

Polyurethane, which is used with current technology and proved its name in every field it is used, is the best insulation material. Consumers who use appropriate coating products will be more likely to spend more when covering sheathing costs are considered appropriate.

In the areas where polyurethane products are used, the highest level of heat, sound and water insulation is provided.

For example, you have applied facade with one of the various facade cladding product groups, excellent product and craftsmanship has been realized, but the cladding colors that you have applied did not bring the architecture to the forefront or fading has occurred in the following years, so it is very important that your facade product can be painted.

Before applying the facade coating, you should check whether the product is paintable. Otherwise, when the change is made, it means extra cost.

As a manufacturer of polyurethane facade cladding panels, paint can be applied over and over again. It should not be forgotten that our country has a very sunny geography. Your facade needs 8-10 years of painting.

Just as the color of your car, clothes and hair creates a perception in your mind at first sight in your contacts with people, it creates an opinion about your living standards in people who see your home or workplace. In this case, it would be right to mention that the exterior of your architecture looks beautiful and reflects the quality and it is an important factor.

For example, you have a luxury site project and you want to use wood siding in some areas. Can you get a real wood look with eps? Well, you've used quality real wood and you've taken all the protective measures, did you think how many years after the swelling will begin?

We want to say especially for those who say that I will use the fact of these prices. 2 years ago, you must examine the facade of real wood and construction companies. Our facade cladding panels produced with polyurethane raw material have more features than most of the products we imitate.

In order to obtain the best wood appearance with exterior coating colors, the most successful paint products are used in this field, first of all the primer is discarded and the primer is applied to the grooves suitable for the desired color tone. Then the surface is painted to the desired color.

As a result, with all our colleagues, we strive to do as best as possible with our product quality and workmanship.

Even though our customers are only supplying products, we try to support them in place before and after the project to prevent wrong applications.

No matter how successful the material quality is, if the workmanship is poor, the material may look bad. Although the material is poor, the workmanship made can give the appearance of quality material. Exterior cladding applications made by experts using high quality materials will bring success. The facade projects realized are an important reference for subsequent projects.

As a polyurethane panel manufacturer and also as an implementer, we would like to remind you that you can examine our exterior coating products on our home page of our website, review our blog pages and you can get information about the issues that occur in your mind.

We have accomplished successful works in many countries both in Turkey and abroad. If you want to get information about our references and want to examine our projects on site, you can contact us. If your architect is in the project stage, you can get technical service from us. We are happy to serve you before and after the project.

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