Exterior Sheathing - Building Insulation with Polyurethane

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Exterior Sheathing

Building insulation means that the facade is cladded using various exterior sheathing materials.

As it is known, the name of the mantling comes from the mantle. As a quality mantle protects us from the cold, sheathing protects the indoor environment of your building from seasonal weather conditions by varying according to product and application quality. Thanks to the products and applications made, it maintains the ideal air temperature of your building in a standard degree and provides superior protection against temperature changes.

We want to prevent the heat in your living space from going outside and outside. The sheathing efficiency can vary according to the facade condition of your structure, and can provide approximately 50% energy savings .

Apart from heat insulation, moisture, sound and so on. you protect your living space from external factors.

Polyurethane is a product that is used in more than 10,000 products in almost all sectors with its current technology and has successfully announced its name with its durability and insulation properties.

Exterior Sheathing How?

Polyurethane panels can be applied on rough plaster. It can be easily mounted on all types of floors by polyurethane sealant or screwing method. Your project not only achieves an aesthetic appearance but also saves you the cost of jacketing.

If you have heard of polyurethane material for the first time, polyurethane used in heat insulation of products such as refrigerators and freezers will meet all your sheathing needs without any problem.

Sheathing exterior and interior wall, roof, floor and so on. many fields are used in different ways according to the situation you need.

It is also used for sound and water insulation purposes and the need for sheathing of the consumer is to a great extent the need for heat insulation.

Exterior Sheathing Materials

Sheathing is used in the field and has a wide range of products. The types of sheathing required may vary depending on the climate of your province. According to the weather conditions, special products are preferred by the relevant regional practitioners and the consumer is directed.

As a manufacturer and application company of polyurethane facade panels, if our panels produced with polyurethane material are applied to your building, your facade does not need extra exterior sheathing. It can be applied on rough plaster in newly built projects. In old buildings, it can be easily installed on the existing exterior surface for building insulation.

Polyurethane is a product that is frequently used in all areas of our lives, especially in the white goods industry for the purpose of isolating the doors and the environment of cabinets.

The areas where our polyurethane facade cladding materials are applied not only provide a perfect fit to the surface, but also provide heat, sound and water insulation to save on jacketing products and services.

Examples of Exterior Sheathing

In the visuals below, no extra sheathing has been applied and you will meet the insulation you need with our exterior coating. The most important feature of our products is its quality and isolation.

Exterior Sheathing Examples

Exterior Coat Villa

Exterior Sheathing Prices

Today, high energy costs are a matter of concern to all of us. The insulation costs made on the facade will be costly in the long term.

Sheathing is the process of bonding multiple materials to your facade by applying various craftsmanship. Costly labor and material costs.

Under the name of jacketing, taken from various internet sites, square meter prices and so on. The information will be misleading. We always hear that costs are higher than the budget of the consumer when the prices are given appropriately, and in the application part and various expense items are added. Because it is not healthy to give building jacketing prices without examining the project and explaining the product you should use.

Appropriate materials or uninformed jacketing may seem to meet your needs, but will be ineffective in severe weather conditions.

If you reach us from our contact information about exterior sheathing, our technical team will share with you more detailed information about building insulation. Our expert technical staff will be happy to inform you about jacketing.

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