Facade Cladding How To? and What are the Stages?

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Facade Cladding

Application of various coating materials to the surface of internal and external facades is called facade cladding. These coatings, which have a wide range of products, are expected to meet the need for sheathing that occurs on the interior or exterior of the application and the cladding application of your facade is expected to look beautiful.

Providing the heat, sound and water insulation that the consumer needs, it also wants the architecture to look beautiful to the eye.

In the construction sector, many stages of planning are made months before the completion of the architecture as soon as possible. For example, when the bricklaying process is completed, the plaster work must begin immediately. Facade Panel Coating process is completed quickly and the structure is desired to come to the consumer with a beautiful appearance.

Nowadays, sheathing and various facade application works take time and it is desired to complete the facade solutions quickly.

We congratulate you for the construction process. We hope to help you with the facade cladding.

Our facade cladding panels, which are produced by using polyurethane material, are the best quality and useful wall cladding products produced so far, and unless a better quality product is developed, it will carry its name at the summit for many years..

Why Do We Need Facade Cladding?

We want our walls to look good. A good-looking facade will make us happy as we leave or enter our apartment or detached house where we live every day. It will help to bring success in our social life with psychological peace of mind.

Some live in a crowded neighborhood, demanding silence. Some people want waterproofing and the building is old. But the common need is the same “heat insulation and make it look beautiful”.

So you can meet all these features with a single product?

Let's push the limits of the wall covering features we want; Let it not be affected by the sun's rays, yellowing, weather conditions, can be painted with any kind of paint, be very durable, fire-resistant, be able to carry square meters of wall panels in one hand, let's apply ourselves, let's easy to install, let us save time during the application.

Thanks to polyurethane, you will be able to meet your insulation needs.

What are the facade cladding materials?

There are many manufacturers and importers in the sector. Produced using various materials; glass, aluminum, wood, betopan, stone, precancer, styrofoam etc. There are many products. In this regard, we will provide information about polyurethane, which is the most efficient facade cladding material in today's technology, which we are the producer and implementer of.

Brick Cladding

Brick cladding

Polisov, the leading brand in the field of polyurethane; it is indistinguishable from real bricks. It is applied to make a difference and make it valuable in your indoor and outdoor spaces. We offer you many advantages that cannot be provided by our polyurethane panels. For more information, you can visit our brick cladding page.

Wood Coating site.

Wood Coating

The wood cladding application, which we always wanted to be on our front, but which is not preferred because of various maintenance and shape changes due to external factors, comes to life thanks to polyurethane. Our panels which have superior features compared to the original, add value to your projects by increasing the quality of life. You can find detailed information on our wood coating page.

Marble Coating

Marble Coating

Marble, which fascinates people with its appearance, is not preferred as much as it is in the past. A heavy material and its application is a time consuming process. Several products are preferred instead of substituting marble appearance. Thanks to the marble patterns given to our products by our designers, a view very close to the reality is easily provided. It is especially preferred in enterprises that carry out tourism activities.

Stone Coating

Stone Coating

Due to the demands of the consumer, it is often preferred from the past to the present. All panel manufacturers produce products with various qualities and features that provide stone appearance. As a manufacturer of polyurethanes, in order to help you understand our product quality, we share the above product image with you. You can find detailed information about stone coating on our blog page.

3D Coating

3D Coating

Today, it is especially preferred for special designs on interior walls. The models produced as panels can be combined and applied easily.

Exterior Facade Cladding Features

Exterior facade cladding panels and special production can be made in accordance with your project. Thanks to polyurethane, your facade will meet the heat, sound and water insulation needs at the highest quality, thus saving the jacketing costs.

You will save time with polyurethane facade coating that can be applied quickly and reliably even in difficult surface conditions.

Tens of thousands of products of various sectors, has made a name for its durability and lightness.

In summary; our polyurethane panels; It is a non-flammable, water-resistant, 200 density hardness, lightweight, durable, easy to apply, can be applied on rough plaster, has a life of 200 years, can be applied to all types of paint, insulation feature is a facade coating product. It will fit perfectly with the applied facade. Follow us on our social media accounts, you can get detailed visual information about the quality of our products and services.

We understand your demands and offer solutions in line with your price-product expectations. You can use our products for many years with high efficiency.

For detailed information about our facade cladding products and applications, you can check our website or contact us.

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