Polyurethane Window Models and Exterior Design

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Polyurethane Window Models

Polyurethane Window Models, folk language is also called window door frame, window edge, glass edge jamb, window jamb. It has a wide range of models suitable for your project window, where all our polyurethane products can be used.

The wrong choice of window jamb products may not make your project look good. Window areas cover high areas on facades. Therefore, the appearance of window jambs on your front is important. If unsuitable shapes and sizes of window jambs are applied, it may damage the look of your project.

Our polyurethane products provide perfect harmony with your window design and give your architecture permanent value.

It is very important that the polyurethane window models planned to be applied are tested visually in digital environment and the right product is used in the right area. It is known that the old structures, which are applied only by using window frames, differ significantly.

Properties of Polyurethane Window Models

Polyurethane material is resistant to impacts. Not affected by water and moisture, yellowing and swelling does not occur.

According to the tests, polyurethane products with a life span of 200 years have the property of not conducting the fire in case of fire.

Lightweight and easy to install. In addition to the facade cladding panels used outside the window frame, no extra jacketing work is required in the project.

All paint types can be used easily. If desired, it can give the best wood appearance, facade cladding and decorative product.

All polyurethane window models are produced specially in desired sizes. Polyurethane with an average hardness of 200 densities is highly resistant to impacts and natural external factors.

Polyurethane Window Model

Window Models

Our visuals above will help you understand that our polyurethane facade cladding and decorative materials are of good quality.

As can be understood, it is clearly seen that the products produced with polyurethane raw materials should not be compared with the materials produced with styrofoam materials.

Polyurethane Window Models Prices

For window models that do not have a standard size, a fixed price will not be correct. If we see your project and take your measurements, we will send you the model and the most suitable price work as soon as possible.

In exterior window decoration models, we would like to share our experiences with you in order not to overdo the unsuitable for the structure or to harm the image of your simple working architecture.

You can examine our window frames produced with polyurethane material from our window models on our home page. Since the window models are special productions and applications, the models given on our website are limited.

Before application, we allow you to see the latest version of our window model digitally. It will help to see the window jamb design as a whole with your facade and to answer the questions that arise in your mind.

You can contact us about our polyurethane window models or if you have any questions.

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