Stone-look Wall Cladding and much more

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Stone Look Wall Cladding

Stone-look wall cladding is a facade cladding product that is frequently used on the interior and exterior walls.

It is frequently used in home decoration, behind panels, cafes, office decoration. As the polyurethane is a light and durable material, it does not break and is not affected by water.

It is produced by using polyurethane material in many special product molds obtained from various natural stones. Our panels are produced in white color as standard, they are painted by our destinations according to the color options suitable for your project.

Thanks to its superior features, it is the highest quality stone looking facade panel of today.

Today, natural stones are heavy and difficult to apply because of the more useful, lightweight and easy to apply products.

The product that can give the appearance of natural stone is produced with polyurethane material. It is lightweight, provides ease of installation and another advantage is that it does not carry loads on your facade.

Our products have an average density of 200 and are resistant to impacts. In our social media account, you can watch our passing test with the land vehicle through the stone-looking panel.

Stone-look Wall Cladding Materials

In addition to standard sizes, we serve you with special manufacturing. Stone-looking products you can review our page.

The stone-like panels, which we can give a real look, fit perfectly with your architecture.

Stone-look Wall Cladding, what are the features?

Real stone coating process; It is a coating system that takes time, reduces the living space, does not have isolation feature and creates an overload on the structure. Our panels with stone appearance made of polyurethane material can be assembled easily in a short time.

Polyurethane has superior properties that cannot be compared with products sold as various stone-looking panels.

  1. All paint types can be applied.
  2. Very durable and lightweight. It can be mounted to the surface by gluing and screwing.
  3. It is very difficult to distinguish polyurethane stone-like panels from the reality.
  4. Sound, heat and water insulation material. Saves extra jacketing costs.
  5. Against the risk of fire, the non-flammable structure of polyurethane does not conduct fire and helps the flame to grow.
  6. Easy to apply, before or after the application, all paint types can be used easily.
  7. Polyurethane is preferred by thousands of industrial sectors with its light and abrasion resistance.
Stone Wall Covering Sample 1

The facade cladding panels produced with polyurethane raw material have the property of isolation.

Polyurethane is an insulation material used in the vicinity of the refrigerators and covers. The most important features are heat, sound and water insulation material and this feature does not carry your wall load and does not need jacketing.

Stone-look Wall Panel

Wall panels with stone appearance, produced using polyurethane material, are produced in standard sizes according to product type. You can easily cut, glue or screw according to the size of the area to be applied.

You can visit our page about the stone coating in the main section of our website about our polyurethane coatings, and you can contact us for detailed information.

Stone Wall Covering 2

Production is available in special dimensions for your project.

You can contact us for any questions regarding product supply, application services or stone-look wall cladding. We are honored to give you complementary information.

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