Villa Exterior Cladding Product Types and Features

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Villa Exterior Cladding

We provide polyurethane villa exterior cladding service using high quality workmanship and materials in a closed area of 3.500 m2 in Antalya Province.

Polyurethane products have a life span of about 200 years. It has an average hardness of 200 density. Thanks to its light and durable structure, it provides ease of installation and time saving. High resistance to ignition. It is the best quality and useful coating material that has been produced so far with heat, sound and water insulation properties.

Villa designs are emerging with rapidly changing models and applications.

We can achieve better results by working with our architects.

Polyurethane is the best thermal insulation material. Your wall does not need jacketing. It can be easily applied on polyurethane plaster. Our villa facade cladding products help you to save your jacketing costs.

In our article, we will try to explain polyurethane as much as possible. We are always ready to help you with the issue. As we find time on social media, we share product and application images. You can follow.

Benefits of Villa Exterior Cladding?

We spend about 12 hours a day at home. We want our house where we spend half of our life to be a beautiful living space.

People with high income generally prefer to live in detached houses. Because they have opportunities, they want the areas we live to be flashy and large.

People with high incomes do not prefer apartments with a small number of rooms and doors facing each other. It is undesirable considering that private life and freedom are restricted. Fancy villas are preferred because they symbolize power and trust by relatives, friends and most importantly business people.

The most important feature of your villa or architecture is undoubtedly the first impression it gives.

Villa facade cladding products and services that you can perform with the coating and decorations reflect your taste and richness.

Villa Exterior Cladding Types

If you are going to use Eps and Xps, we mentioned that it would be useful to choose durable and high quality facade products.

To give information about the types of polyurethane, polyurethane facade coating comes first in the preferred cladding products and applications. It is used to protect the naturalness of your facade and add value to the value of your structure with polyurethane material preferred for decoration and insulation purposes.

Polyurethane raw material is frequently used in the world industrial sector due to its light and durable structure.

Our polyurethane facade cladding products not only enhance the appearance of your facade and increase the value of your building, but also provide a great harmony with your facade.

We have mentioned to you that you can use foam materials that our competitors produce high quality xps eps, but do not compromise on quality because the subject is the exterior coating of the villa.

We are manufacturer and application of polyurethane products which are high quality and useful facade coating material. Do not use styrofoam materials in the villa facade cladding products where you spend high money in your villa and come to the last and most important stage.

Our polyurethane products applied on your villa interior and exterior facade will attract attention from the moment your villa is seen from the outside and when you enter it, it will dazzle the people as a whole and fascinate people with their designs.

Villa Exterior Cladding Models

We share various images of villa facade cladding and decoration visuals that were made in Antalya lara region in 2019.

We hope you can see how important the quality of the material is and how it matches the architecture. After the visuals we will talk about the properties of polyurethane products.

Villa Exterior Back Coating

Exterior Facade of Villa

Villa Wood-look Exterior Coating

Polyurethane Exterior Coating Product Properties

  1. You can easily use our polyurethane panels on all surfaces including metal, inside and outside.
  2. It is proven to be light and durable on difficult surfaces.
  3. It completes the most ambitious ceiling covering decoration projects with flawless visuality.
  4. High-quality decorative coatings are produced and fit perfectly with your architecture.
  5. It is applied on plaster and saves you from the costs of jacketing.
  6. You can easily create perfect decorative areas in areas where precision workmanship will be applied.
  7. Our products, compatible with your architecture, you can easily use the door and window edges.
  8. Polyurethane facade coating provides heat, sound and water insulation.
  9. It is used as floor deletion in multi-storey buildings.
  10. Villa is used as exterior decoration material.
  11. It is used as surface coating thanks to various facade cladding panel models.
  12. Thanks to its high resistance to heat, it is taken precautions against the risk of fire by not carrying out the fire.
  13. Column types, column types, buttresses, relief products, garden decoration equipment such as decoration products are produced and applied.

Villa Polyurethane Exterior Coating Properties

Environment, nature and consumer friendly. The polyurethane layer tested at 1,200 degrees shared by our social media accounts is non-combustible. Water, moisture, moisture and so on. it is absolutely unaffected by factors.

The life of the polyurethane obtained in the researches is 200 years. It is not affected by various climates and harsh weather conditions and is of quality. Our products do not change shape and do not yellow.

It is a very light and durable material and you can watch our durability test video, which we pass through our social media accounts on our facade cladding panels in order to understand its quality in more detail. Our villa exterior wall cladding products are used in critical parts which are used in production in the biggest industrial establishments and which require lightness and durability.

Thanks to its thermal insulation feature, you can save energy efficiently. You can use all paint types and colors easily. We especially recommend you to examine our polyurethane panels which give the appearance of real wood from our website and social media.

It can be applied easily by applying polyurethane sealant and screw.

It is a durable and lightweight material, and you can lift several square meters of panels with one hand. It does not smell, does not produce various gases harmful to human health. You can easily use it for many years in the coldest and warmest climates.

It is not possible to break or fall due to its light and robust structure. In case of realization, it does not cause material and moral damages like other heavy facade materials. It enhances the value of your architecture by providing perfect harmony in all used facade areas.

Villa Exterior Sheathing Feature

Coating and decorative applications with polyurethane material can be applied on coarse plaster.

There is no need to pay for sheathing except for the decorations that are necessary for the villas to have a beautiful appearance.

Polyurethane, which cannot be compared with other facade coating products, will meet your villa exterior facade coating needs.

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