Wood Facade Cladding Models and Specifications

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Wood Facade Cladding

Wood facade cladding, which is frequently applied in modern projects, increases the value of architecture by bringing the project to the forefront with the right material and application preferred. The wooden details applied by making small touches on the facade will affect the project appearance positively..

What Is Wooden Looking Facade Cladding?

Wood look facade cladding products have a material life of approximately two centuries. Other wood products are tried to give the appearance, despite all the precautions taken, due to various weather conditions within a few years undergo variation.

There are many wood-like coating materials in the market, which are produced from a wide variety of raw materials, where wood is tried to be obtained by painting and coating technique.

Polyurethane is the closest product of the facade covering the wood appearance. Polyurethane applied facades, with many superior properties of wood is more useful than the highest quality facade cladding materials. It is difficult to distinguish from the truth. Wood facade cladding our products, you can examine the images taken from real pictures.

About Polyurethane Facade Cladding Products?

Polyurethane facade cladding products are produced by using molds made of real wood. Polyurethane raw material is added to the product's durable molds and expected to take shape. Polyurethane products with high durability between 180-200 density are the best facade cladding product that can get the best wood appearance.

It is completed by the designers with the desired tones and quality paints.

You can save on insulation costs.

The panels are produced with polyurethane raw material which is the highest quality insulation material in the world.

They prefer polyurethane by refrigerant manufacturers (durable household appliance manufacturers) in order to meet the high heat insulation requirement of the upper segment products in their covers and environment.

What are the Advantages of Polyurethane Facade Cladding Panels?

Thanks to polyurethane, you can avoid isolation costs. Veneer panels can be applied on rough plaster and save you extra jacketing product and application costs.

Polyurethane provides high protection against ignition.

Polyurethane raw material with its non-flammable and flame retardant structure is preferred by many giant industrial manufacturers in its product components.

Facades where polyurethane coating products are used shall be taken against fire risk.

On our flat surface facade cladding panels, wooden appearance can be given by special painting technique. Corrugated wood patterned models can be painted by the designers in stages and give the closest look to the real wood.

According to the researches, polyurethane has a life of 200 years.

Is Polyurethane Facade Coating Durable?

You can get more information about the quality of the polyurethane from polisov instagram story page accounts and the video of the resistance of 1200 degree flame, which is kept on the polyurethane panel sample by means of cross-over video of the facade cladding panels, which can be provided with wooden appearance, by means of land vehicles.

Wooden Wall Cladding Prices?

Wooden wall cladding prices, which are taken by experts without reviewing your project, may cause price and quality changes during application.

Square meter prices taken from various web sites should not be purchased without being visually or digitally reviewed.

UIt is a common situation in the market where low product quality, poor labor and price differences occur during the implementation phase. Therefore, it is necessary to see the drawings used in your project and to evaluate the equivalent types in economic terms and to inform the consumer with different pricing techniques. Thus, the prices of panels produced with consumer polyurethane material will provide economy.

If we examine the measurements of your project, we will send you the best quality products and the best price offer in a short time.

Here is an important technical information to be considered.

Polyurethane facade cladding can be produced in low density by reducing production costs. In this case, the desired facade cladding, product quality and also the price may decrease.

Polyurethane panels are shaped by swelling in their environment by using more than one component with the help of special molds.

Less or wrong production means lower density, ie quality.

You can request a polyurethane wood panel sample by contacting us. After your decision to get wood facade cladding, product and application service, the actual product whose sample is sent is used.

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