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Polyurethane Column and Header

Columns and capitals which are indispensable for Avantgarde projects are the architectures that symbolize wealth, quality and well-established family structure.

First of all, we congratulate you for bringing your project to the decoration stage and wish you a successful completion.

We recommend the use of polyurethane products in Avantgarde structures. Polyurethane is the only product that you can easily give the finest detail and you can design the foil applications in the most successful way.

The columns of a flamboyant villa are always the first attention. Cheap saying eps and so on. If you use materials, as you approach the architecture styrofoam material no matter how high quality workmanship is made, it becomes clear. You will use your preference for styrofoam materials, we advise you not to go into too flashy details in your project.

Our products are produced with high technology and special molds with a hardness of 180-200 density. In addition to excellent product quality, it will save you heat, sound and water insulation costs thanks to its insulation feature.

Polyurethane is definitely not affected by water, swelling and shrinkage is not the case. It is not affected by external factors such as temperature differences and sun rays.

Due to its durable structure, it has superior resistance to impacts.

In addition, the most common feature of polyurethane all over the world is that it does not conduct heat, is highly resistant to burning and does not ignite flame.

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