Corner Stone

Corner Stone

Our lock and corner stone products, which are produced with high standards with polyurethane raw material, are manufactured in standard sizes or in special sizes according to your project.

TAs in our product range, our lock and corner stone products have high quality between 180-200 densite. Thanks to our expert staff, technological infrastructure and special molds, production is carried out at high standards.

Our fire resistant facade cladding and decorative products will not only provide a superior visuality to your projects, but will also increase the value of your architecture.


Our products are heat, water and sound insulated with their high resistance to impacts. Thanks to polyurethane raw material which is not affected by water, sun rays and other variable weather conditions, sagging, shrinkage and swelling etc. There are no negative situations.

Our lock and corner products provide a successful and perfect fit with your exterior.

As a result of the tests, it was concluded that polyurethane facade products have a life of 200 years.

If you send us the product code you need, you will be offered the most favorable price study.

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Polyurethane PKS 01 Corner Stone
Polyurethane PKS 02 Corner Stone
PKT 01 Corner Stone
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