Decorative Facade Coating

Decorative Facade Coating

As in all products, our decorative panels are produced using standard sized molds. It can be made in special production according to your project.

You can get the best price information by sending us the product code. In case we see your project or forward it to us, we offer turnkey or special advantageous prices for your project.

Polyurethane is a hard and durable material. You can apply even the most difficult products in your project thanks to polyurethane. Our decorative facade coating products can be glued with polyurethane mastic and can be screwed to metal etc. products.

Our decorative facade products have a hardness of 180-200 and are superior to fire. Polyurethane panels, which can be produced in desired patterns and sizes, provide a perfect harmony with your facade. It is the best decorative facade material in the world due to its light, durable and easy application made with polyurethane.

All the work done is your reference as well as you are, we are always with you before and after the project.

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Round Pattern Decorative Wall Cladding
Triangle Patterned Decorative Wall Cladding
Crystal Patterned Decorative Wall Cladding
Spear Pattern Decorative Wall
Star Patterned Decorative Wall Cladding
Hilal Patterned Decorative Wall
Floral Pattern Decorative Wall Cladding
Rectangular Pattern Decorative Wall Cladding
Award Patterned Decorative Facade Cladding
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