Facade Coating Products

Facade Coating Products

We produce the product range called jamb in the folk language with polyurethane raw material which is our specialty. All facade cladding and decorative products we produce without compromising on quality have a life span of approximately 200 years and have high durability between 180-200 density.

Our polyurethane products are highly resistant to fire with their non-flammable structure. One of the most important advantages of polyurethane is that it has non-flammable and flame retardant properties and provides maximum safety in risk situations.

Polyurethane facade cladding does not require any extra jacketing. It is responsible for the heat, water and sound insulation needs of the consumer. It is the best facade coating in the world due to its light weight, durability and easy application.

The facade panels have different dimensions according to their models. You can get a price quote with the model code you requested by contacting us or if you send your project, you will be informed by our expert technical staff who will provide you with detailed information and the most suitable price options as soon as possible.

We would be honored to serve you if you contact us.

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