Polyurethane Factory

Polyurethane Factory

We produce polyurethane interior and exterior wall decoration panels in our facility in Antalya with a closed area of 3,500 m2. We work without sacrificing product quality and workmanship with our expert administrative and technical staff. We hope that we can grow together each year thanks to your support.

All of our facade cladding and ornament products are manufactured with special molds using high technology. Between 180-200 densities, production is carried out with above-standard product quality compared to its competitors. In order to reduce costs, various tricks can never even occur in our institution.

Our product dyeing and priming processes are carried out in our paint workshop in our facility.

We work diligently with the awareness of quality references. We will continue to be a follower of all the products we produce and all the applications we perform.

In order to get to know us better and to have visual information about us, we have shared with you the visuals of polyurethane interior and exterior cladding production facility.

You can reach us from our contact information and get more detailed information about our products and applications.

We would be honored to welcome you to get to know our production facility and team.

Production plant visuals

Exterior Coating Production
Exterior Coating Molds
Exterior Coating Production
Exterior Coating Column Types
Exterior Coating Coach Head Cap
Facade Cladding Stone Panel
Exterior Coating Production
Exterior Coating Floor Wiping
Exterior Coating Panels
Exterior Coating Polyurethane Jamb
Exterior Coating Grooved Column Column
Exterior Coating Production Line
Exterior Coating Decorative Panel
Exterior Windows Cover
Exterior Coating Column Column Formwork
Exterior Coating Foot Column Headboard
Facade Cladding Materials
Exterior Coating Decorative Application
Exterior Coating Flat Column Headboard
Facade Cladding wood-looking panels
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