Floor Silks

Floor Silks

Our industry-leading polyurethane floor mat models are produced in different sizes according to product types. All products are standard 200 cm in length.

Our polyurethane floor wiping models, which can be produced to the desired extent, provide a perfect harmony and appearance with your facade.

Our floor wiping products are produced with an average density of 200 and have a life span of 200 years. Excellent resistance to impacts and external factors. It is not affected by the sun's rays, does not make yellowing, is not affected by water, swelling, contraction and so on. negative situations do not occur.

Thanks to its non-flammable property and superior fire resistance, it prevents the growth of a possible fire situation.

For price information about our products, please contact us with the requested product code. You can obtain the highest quality floor wiping product at the most reasonable prices. The most suitable price information for your turnkey projects can be provided by examining your structure or digitally sending your project.

You can contact us to get more detailed information about our products and applications. Polyurethane is the world's best quality facade cladding material.

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PS 01 floor silks
PS 02 floor silks
PS 03 floor silks
PS 04 floor silks
PS 05 floor silks
PS 06 floor silks
PS 07 floor silks
PS 08 floor silks
PKS 101 floor silks
PKS 102 floor silks
PKS 103 floor silks
PKS 104 floor silks
PKS 105 floor silks
PKS 106 floor silks
PKS 107 floor silks
PKS 108 floor silks
PKS 109 floor silks
PKS 110 floor silks
PKS 111 floor silks
PKS 112 floor silks
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