Natural Stone Look Facade Cladding

Natural Stone Look Facade Cladding

Stone-like pavements, which are frequently used in projects, are preferred for a higher quality image and increase the value of your architecture.

Real stone cladding products breaking, breaking and so on. in cases of material and spiritual, can create irreversible problems. No matter how thin the real stone is, it is difficult to apply because it is a heavy material.

Polyurethane stone-like panels have a hardness of 180-200 density and are resistant to impacts and natural external factors. As the most efficient insulation material in the world with proven polyurethane insulation on your facade by providing insulation, you will save on the cost of jacketing.

Polyurethane natural stone facade cladding panels are produced in variable sizes according to product types. You can create unique designs thanks to our stone-looking facade cladding products which can be produced in special sizes suitable for your project.

Our panels are produced with polyurethane raw material which has high resistance against ignition and provides the highest protection in case of fire.

You can get price information by sending us the code of our products that you can easily use on your natural and internal facade with natural stone look. If you see your project or send it to us in digital environment, we will provide you with the most reasonable prices as soon as possible.

The self-patterned natural stone appearance produced with our real natural stone molds fits perfectly on your facade. It is difficult to distinguish from real stone. Polyurethane for your interior and exterior Natural stone equivalent is the most useful product.

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Colorful Square Pattern Polyurethane Jamb Wall Panel
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Gray Brick patterned Natural Stone Rectangular Polyurethane Facade Cladding
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Brown blasting stone looking polyurethane facade cladding panel
Small and Large Mixed Square Pattern Polyurethane Jamb Wall Cladding with Natural Stone Look
Polyurethane with natural stone appearance
Gray blasting polyurethane jamb stone panel with natural stone look
Natural stone Appearance Close to yellow color Facade Cladding Panel
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