Exterior Coating Antalya Lara

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Exterior Coating Antalya Lara

Our villa project in Muratpasa, Antalya with reasonable price and high quality polyurethane materials and workmanship, where exterior panels and ornaments are used. Our villa facade cladding project has been completed and placed among our references.

In our villa project in Lara area, polyurethane facade cladding panels, decorative cladding, balcony railing, corner stone, keystone, column column head pedestal foot, window jamb, windowsill models were used.

It is a unique architecture with its modern and avantgarde design. Our villa project, which is completed by using polyurethane products, has become a very rich and remarkable project especially thanks to its columns.

Thanks to our polyurethane facade coating and ornament products, you can give your new buildings a perfect appearance and in your old buildings you can get a brand new appearance in a short time.

Please contact us for information about our products and other applications.

Features of Our Products

  • - High standard polyurethane material,
  • - Light - resistant product,
  • - Easy installation and easy application,
  • - Hardness between 180-200 (density),
  • - Exceptional impact resistance,
  • - 200 years of material life,
  • - Non-flammability does not carry flame,
  • - Provides heat, water and sound insulation,
  • - Suitable for all climates and weather conditions,
  • - Does not absorb water and does not experience swelling,
  • - Non-yellowing product,
  • - Saves insulation costs,
  • - Marble, wood and natural stone equivalents are obtained,

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Antalya Lara villa exterior cladding project images
Antalya Lara villa exterior cladding project
Antalya Lara villa exterior cladding
Antalya villa exterior cladding
Antalya Lara villa exterior cladding project image
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Antalya Lara villa Column and Header
Antalya Lara villa
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