Exterior Coating Kayseri Private School

by | Feb 02, 2019 | Project

Kayseri Private School Facade Project

Polyurethane facade coating and decorative products are preferred in the school project, cladding process was carried out.

Our polyurethane products have increased the value of the project by providing a perfect visual and harmony on the facade which is designed as simple and elegant.

Avantgarde and modern buildings, as well as a standard project by making quality small touches, you can get a different look on your facade.

Breaking, breaking and so on. In case of falling products, light materials should be preferred to prevent serious material and moral damages. Polyurethane fully meets your needs in such highly mobile spaces.

Features of Our Products

  • - High standards of material quality,
  • - Very light and very durable product,
  • - Easy to apply,
  • - High density quality,
  • - Resistant to impacts,
  • - 200 years lifetime,
  • - Fire resistant polyurethane material,
  • - Heat and sound insulation,
  • - Not damaged by weather conditions,
  • - Does not deform by not taking water into it,
  • - Does not change shape and does not turn yellow,
  • - Your facade needs no jacketing,
  • - Wood is the best quality material that can give appearance
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Turkey Kayseri School Exterior Facade Project Images
Turkey Kayseri Private School Exterior Facade
Kayseri School Exterior Facade Project
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