Exterior Coating Kepez Housing

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Exterior Coating Kepez Housing<

Due to the excess of wooden areas designed in the project, our consumer preferred polyurethane, the world's highest quality facade coating product. Due to the high application area, the customer did not want to risk the image changes that may occur with styrofoam material.

Even if you are not in your project, you can give the details of wood with polyurethane in a small part. In this way, your project, both visual and financial value increase may be provided.

We especially warn those who want to use real wood in their projects. Imported or durable etc. Before buying the product sales and application service in various terms, you must see any application that uses these products and has passed over 2 years and decide accordingly.

Polyurethane is a product where you can get 1e1 wood appearance thanks to its superior properties. Our product provides the consumer with many advantages plus real wood. You can examine the details in our product specifications section below.

Housing project in Kepez, Antalya. All exterior cladding and wood-looking cladding products were applied using polyurethane material. You can contact us for detailed information about project details and other services.

Features of Our Products

  • - Production with high quality special molds,
  • - Raw materials are processed using high technology,
  • - Our products are of world standards,
  • - Wooden appearance is given by Destinators,
  • - Panel surface can be textured and flat structure,
  • - Very durable material and lightweight,
  • - Easily assembled,
  • - 180x200 high density at high standards,
  • - Marble appearance can be provided by our destinators.
  • - 200 year life,
  • - Fire resistant,
  • - It provides isolation feature on the facade to which it is applied,
  • - Saves insulation costs,
  • - Resistant to extreme weather conditions,
  • - Not affected by water and moisture,
  • - Yellowing, swelling does not occur any shape change,

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Antalya Kepez Residential Exterior Coating
Antalya Kepez Residential Exterior Coating
Antalya Kepez Residential Exterior Coating
Antalya Kepez Residential Exterior Coating
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