Exterior Coating Miniclup Expo

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Exterior Coating Miniclup Expo

In the project which is located in the giant project Expo2016 Antalya which is realized in Aksu district of Antalya, the product and application of polyurethane facade cladding panels were preferred.

In the area where various activities of the children in the Expo are held, the Miniclup houses we have realized have achieved considerable success with the quality.

The main reason for choosing polyurethane in this project is to prevent damage to the structure as the area is a very active and continuously used area. Positive consumer comments after the work done is our reward.

High durability compared to polyurethane equivalent facade coating products. It shows the highest resistance against possible impacts.

You can contact us to get detailed information about the products and applications used in our project. We are honored to work on all of your projects with our technical and administrative staff. Our respect,

Features of Our Products

  • - High technology and standard polyurethane material,
  • - Lightweight structure, durable product,
  • - Easy to assemble, saves time,
  • - Robust construction with 180-200 density,
  • - Maximum protection against impacts,
  • - 200 years lifetime,
  • - Non-flammable with non-flammable properties,
  • - Saves energy,
  • - Maximum protection in adverse weather conditions,
  • - Like water not affected by elements,
  • - No yellowing and shape changes,
  • - Insulation feature,
  • - Marble and wood appearance can be obtained,

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Antalya Expo Miniclup Project Images
Expo Miniclup Project Images
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Antalya Expo 2016 Miniclup Project
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