Exterior Coating New York

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Exterior Coating New York

Our polyurethane facade products have passed all the tests required for export successfully without any problems. We have test reports and authorized documents required for export of products to all countries in the world.

Modern business center project in New York, USA. In our project, facade cladding and ornament application is made by using polyurethane products.

In America, where natural products are preferred, polyurethane, which is not known as facade coating product, has aroused interest in the sector and has been appreciated. You can get product sample by contacting us.

Polyurethane facade cladding panels, which can be perfectly matched with architectures, provide benefits to the consumer besides the many advantages they add to the projects.

We will be honored to serve you for further information about our products and applications.

Features of Our Products

  • - European standards quality production,
  • - Light and durable structure,
  • - Easy application by screwing or bonding technique,
  • - Density 180-200,
  • - Durable panel structure,
  • - 200 years lifetime,
  • - Does not ignite the flame,
  • - Provides insulation on your facade,
  • - Not affected by sun, rain and snow,
  • - It does not process water and swelling,
  • - No yellowing, size change and change in structure,
  • - Provides high energy saving,
  • - Wood and marble appearance can be given by our Destinators according to your project,

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