Exterior Coating Yalova University

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Exterior Coating Yalova University

All our products are produced with high standard polyurethane raw material. All polyurethane products that provide maximum benefit for the consumer can be used easily for many years on the exterior and interior facades.

Thanks to the insulation feature, which is one of the important advantages, your facade does not need jacketing and you save costs.

Thanks to the special molds in high pressure environment, our products which are produced between 180-200 density hardness can be produced in standard sizes or according to your project.

We serve our valued customers with the most reasonable prices and quality materials.

You can get detailed information about our products and projects.

We are honored to welcome you in the area where our production takes place in Antalya.

Features of Our Products

  • - Consumer friendly quality and convenient material,
  • - Lightweight product and durable polyurethane raw material,
  • - Easy to install and easy to apply,
  • - High density between 180-200,
  • - Superior protection against severe impact,
  • - Material life is 200 years,
  • - High fire resistance,
  • - Heat, water and sound insulation feature,
  • - Rain sun and so on. not affected by external factors,
  • - Does not absorb water and does not swell,
  • - No change in shape over time,
  • - Insulation saves cost,
  • - Various types of marble and wood appearance can be given,

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