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One of the most important decoration products of your Avantgarde projects is strut, which is one of the most preferred products. It is necessary to produce the product with precision and quality workers.

There are many products on the market produced with a wide variety of gypsum, concrete or styrofoam materials. You need to be aware of the advantages and deficiencies of these products.

You should investigate the resistance of the product to external factors such as water, heat and impact. Decorative products have more detailed lines than other facade coating products. Fine workmanship may not be possible depending on the product you use. According to the product quality, you should visually analyze the benefits of its architecture.

Our polyurethane strut models are produced with high quality special molds. It is a durable material with a hardness between 180-200 density. It is frequently preferred in many big sectors due to its high resistance to abrasion and heat.

For our standard dimensions, you can get price information by passing our product codes to us. In cases where special manufacturing is required in accordance with your project, production is possible with custom molds.

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