Tree Look Coating

Tree Look Coating

Our facade panels produced with high technology and workmanship with polyurethane are produced in dimensions of 25x200 cm. All our products are carefully processed to prevent any bad appearance during application.

All of our products are swollen, sagging, shortening etc. negative situations are not experienced. Researches show that polyurethane facade coating products have a life span of approximately 200 years. Therefore, you should definitely choose polyurethane for your facade that you can use for many years without any problems.

Our facade cladding products are made of real wood and have a hardness of 180-200. Thanks to our special molds which are produced by using real wood, self-patterned wood appearance is obtained. The applied panels give the appearance of real wood even if you examine it very closely.

Our products visually match your facade perfectly. It is very difficult to distinguish from the fact and is the most useful facade cladding product for your interior and exterior.

As Polisov, we claim that we can buy quality at the most reasonable prices. We are always with you with our technical and administrative staff who are experts in their fields.

All the images on our page belong to our real products. Our PA-05 model is our most preferred product.

Polyurethane Tree-look Facade Cladding

Wood Looking Thin Corrugated Light Brown Wall Cladding Panel
Thin Corrugated Dark Brown Facade Cladding Panel with Wood Look
Thin Corrugated Brown Facade Cladding Panel with Wood Look
Wood Looking Thick Light Brown Facade Cladding Panel
Gray Coated Corrugated Wood Looking Decorative Facade Panel
Thin patterned dark brown facade cladding panel with wooden appearance
Wood Looking Thick Corrugated medium Dark Brown Wall Cladding Panel
Wood Looking Round Interlocking Parallel Thick Corrugated Outdoor Coffee Wall Cladding Panel
Wood Pattern Thin Corrugated Very Dark Brown Wall Cladding Panel
Dark Gray Facade Cladding Panel with Wooden Pattern
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