Windowsill Product

Windowsill Product

The window borders that you will apply on your facade are very important and especially the design should be prepared well. To give an example from the textile industry, you can get a completely different look with the pocket design on the denim shirt. If you reach us at the decision stage, we will be happy to share our experiences with you.

In the digital environment, we recommend that you do not choose a window model without seeing it on your architecture.

Our polyurethane products are produced with high standard quality and perfect workmanship. Our team of experts in the field performs the most accurate window edge applications.

Our window models do not have standard dimensions. According to the project dimensions, if desired, it can be assembled with its ornaments.

It can be easily assembled to your window with polyurethane sealant and screwing method.

Due to their light and durable structure, our products are easy to apply and provide superior protection against possible impacts.

It has a hardness between 180-200. It is used by consumers for many years without being affected by water and heat. Polyurethane facade cladding and decorative products, 200 years life.

It has a smooth surface that can be painted easily with all paint types.

To get information about the prices of our standard window models, please send us the product codes. For your special dimensions, we need to see your structure or digitally examine it.

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